Edison's Elephant (2014)

  • Directed by
  • Metropolitan Playhouse
  • Alyssa Simon: Patsy
  • Category: Recent NY Theatre


From Article written by Andrew Gans

Chris Van Strander and David Koteles’Edison’s Elephant plays The Metropolitan Playhouse Jan. 16-25.

Presented by The Metropolitan Playhouse and Joe Trentacosta, the limited engagement is part of the Metropolitan Playhouse Gilded Age Festival.

David Elliott directs a cast that includes Lynn Berg, Kevin Orton, Alyssa Simon, CJ Trentacosta, Wendy Merritt, John Thomas Waite and Rik Walter with Sean Gough on piano.


“In 1903, on Brooklyn’s Coney Island, Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant,” according to press notes. “Moreover, he filmed it, for all to witness. Based on historic accounts, Edison’s Elephantexplores the life and death of Topsy, the circus elephant who, after much abuse, retaliated against those who harmed her, and who was ultimately executed for her actions—then made the subject of Edison’s film ‘Electrocuting the Elephant.’”