CANT (2016)

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Cant — An oblique or slanting surface; to pitch to one side; to talk hypocritically; affected singsong or whiny speech; the private language of the underworld; a set or stock phrase; the insincere use of pious words; to sing.

Sinclair Lewis & Nathanael West meet Vladimir Nabokov on a Firesign Theatre album directed by Jean-Luc Godard. An account for those that don’t keep them. The House always wins.

This is 2016. A political play. A critique of political plays. And politics. And plays. And Art. The same old story, a Boy of the People becomes a Man of Fascism. Again. This is what makes a Significant Work. 15 actors, count ’em, fighting a brave fight against the status quo. As always, doomed, but it must be done. You must slay a few waxwings to make a Hamlet.